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Chiropractor  from the Institut Franco-Européen de Chiropraxie
Doctor of Chiropractic from the European Chiropractors’ Union
Federal Instructor of Karate

  Member of associations
Humanitary Association Grandis et Deviens
Comité de Soutien Sportif dedicated to Chiropractic

Anne NGUYEN Chiropractor

Her path with chiropractic

Passionate about martial arts, she practiced karate for 18 years and was several times winner of the Karate Shukokai Coupe de France. Following a knee injury, she had to stop sports for several months to follow a rehabilitation program. The pain persisted until she met Dr. Bruno COFFRE, Chiropractor in La Varenne St Hilaire, who adjusted a cervical vertebra: her knee problem was gone. Was it magical? No, only neurological, he replied! Determined to become a chiropractor, she undertook studies in the only French school approved by the Ministry of Health and recognized by the French State.. Anne is the exclusive Chiropractor of the Elite Karate Club Training in High Level, in Puteaux. Through her chiropractic care, she intervenes in optimizing the archaic neurological functions of athletes to allow them to perform better both physically and mentally. She is also a karate teacher for children. Karate classes focus on the psychomotor development of the child, which is essential for the child’s intellectual, behavioral, sensory, emotional, postural and motor development, as well as its coordination.

After graduation, she participated in humanitarian missions in Vietnam, her native country, where she brought the benefits of Chiropractic in the association Grandis et Deviens alongside Dr. Edward SABOURDY et du Dr. Amandine GUILLEMARD, Chiropractors at the American Chiropractic Clinic in Hô Chi Minh Ville. A full-time university-level education, including more than 5500 hours of classes, promoting chiropractors to the rank of experts in spinal manipulation and thus providing patients with the best guarantees for their safety.

Anne is always aiming to improve in mind, she keeps training herself to provide her patients with the best chiropractic care. by attending seminars and acquiring new techniques

– Chiropractic Biomechanics Technique, Gonstead
– Sacro occipital technique, SOT
– Pediatric Chiropractic Technique, Total Body Modification
– Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique
– Applied Kinesiology, AK
– Neurological Technique, Whiteson
– Musculo Tendinous Stretch Technique, DMT-Moneyron
– Detection of occlusal and temporomandibular joint problems in relation to posture
– ABC Technique, Advanced Biostructural Correction – specializing in postural correction
– Seminar First Visit of Dr. Piet Seru in the detection of neurological priorities.
– Lower Member Technic
– Pediatric management