Chiropractic deals with the nervous system via the spinal column in order to free any interference that may disturb the balance of the body.
Your chiropractor relieves body pain of mechanical and emotional origins.

What is the strength of Chiropractic? Its efficiency is mostly due to its specificity for mechanical corrections. Our goal is to find the origin of the pain.
A diagnosis will be determined at the 1st visit. Then a precise and explanatory treatment plan will be established at the end of this session, as well as a rehabilitation program to treat the problem and to avoid any recurrences.

Thank you for bringing your medical imaging (X-rays, scanner, MRI) if they were previously prescribed.

The first visit can last up to 45 minutes, including a series of questions about your history and orthopedic, neurologic and physical examinations based on your problem. Your chiropractor can also refer you to another health care provider if the previous elements indicate that chiropractic care is not suitable for you.