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La chiropraxie est une science de la santé qui exploite la capacité naturelle de guérison du corps humain pour vous remettre sur le chemin de la santé.

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  • Première consultation : 90 euros
  • Suivi de consultation : 70 euros
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I had an appointment with Anne and when I showed up they said she was not available and assigned me to her assistant. I waited for 3 weeks to get an appointment with Anne. She didn’t even show up and I wasn’t notified until I arrived there.The session with the assistant was mediocre. I have had better sessions in Paris for lesser price. I wouldn’t recommend this place.
Alekhya Vavilala
22:27 16 Dec 21
I’ve been to Anne for a few months now and just love how good she is. First of all, she speaks English, and secondly she is very attentive and patient and takes her time to work on all you ask. I used to have regular Chiro adjustments for neck and lower back in Australia which would involve one or two neck adjustments and take 5mins. I find Anne does a lot more adjusting and even massaging areas before adjusting them so a visit ends up being more like 20-25mins. The results have been amazing! Ive never felt so flexible and loose and my lower back pain has really improved. Only down side is that she often doesn’t work to time so you may need to wait before your appointment.
Angela Pollicino
06:43 30 Jun 21
Anne has been treating me since summer 2019. After having been treated by a myriad of bodyworkers for over 20 years, I was searching for someone who would finally be able to treat my upper cervical vertebrae which have been misaligned probably since a car accident I suffered in my 20s. Her knowledge is extremely complete and she listens well. Her experience as a martial arts champion gives her an advantage in that she knows what a high-end athlete‘s body endures. Her touch is gentle yet very effective. As a professional dancer and yoga coach, I am quite demanding about the people who treat my body. I have since placed my entire trust in her and have asked her to treat my teen daughter who is in full growth spurt. She is also bilingual French-English, equally comfortable explaining her work in both languages. I now recommend her to my clients in need of adjustments.
Eleanor Hahn
15:08 06 Sep 20
This is the best chiro that I've even see. First, when I saw here, I thought its gonna be impossible for her to crack my back! But my God! She is really good. She is not speed, she is responsive to your questions, passionate about her work. .. My back cracked like a bubble bag. Thank you Anne and see you soon!
Sila Mila
08:22 08 May 20
Dr. Anne Nguyen is the most amazing chiropractor that I have ever been treated by- and I have been receiving chiropractic adjustments for 30 years. She is truly incredible. She takes her time with you and her price is very reasonable. I left there feeling better than I have ever felt in my life. I will be back to see her every time I am in Paris.
Dave Mayer
20:26 04 Nov 19
On vacation in Paris with critical need of a chiro. Anne stayed late on a Saturday to assist with a rush appointment. Absolutely excellent help, diagnosis and adjustments. 10/5 stars, thanks Anne, wonderful !!!
Amanda G
22:04 01 Sep 19
First time at the chiropractor, I honestly I have never felt so good. The change and relief was immediate highly recommend it.
Massamba Diouf
18:20 02 Dec 18
Cant say thanks enough for what Anne did help my mom during her recent trip in Vietnam.
Quynh Hoang Nhu
02:49 28 Aug 18
Had chance to meet Anne again and asked her to help with chiropractic and felt amazing. Anne deserve 10* for her great job
nguyen josh
16:37 24 Aug 18
She's so gentle and what really makes her amazing is how integral her medicine is. She understands the body and works with it naturally and in a smart way. I wish I could describe how good she is!!
Sofia Luna
11:33 28 Mar 18
Anne is a great Chiropractor. She helped me to try the chiropractic when she visited the North part of Vietnam for Halong bay trip. I felt much more relaxed after getting her treatment . Love her personality. Highly recommend anyone who are looking for the chiropractic treatment
Phong nguyen huu
14:57 02 Feb 18
Anne is so talented! Highly recommended.I injured myself doing yoga and was a bit nervous to see a new chiropractor (I just moved to Paris) because I didn’t want to accidentally make the injury worse. Anne was very gentle and did a lot of work on my muscles which helped my back to relax. She taught me a few stretching exercises at the end and was all-in-all the best chiropractor I’ve ever seen. Her English is perfect which is great for fellow Americans like me-
Hilary Hodge
13:10 15 Dec 17
In Paris for my 50th birthday but ended up crippled with back pain - the lovely Dr Anna came in on her day off to cover as an emergency. Best present I got - fascinating, insightful, professional but above all successful
Val Hodgson-McAlpine
17:10 07 Jul 17
Anne is a wonderful chiropractor; very knowledgeable and understanding. I can't recommend her enough! Prior to visiting her practice, I had received several months of "ABC" chiropractic treatment for a lower back problem that I've had for about a year now (triggered by deadlifting and worsened by sitting down all day at work). Whilst "ABC" improved my overall posture, it didn't appear to tackle the underlying lower back issue. Her website stated that she knew ABC, as well as various other techniques, and I felt another opinion would be useful.She diagnosed me on my first visit and within a few sessions, my lower back had improved significantly. Her recommendation for using a different chiropractic technique (I believe it was more traditional methods or some variation of it) was far superior to several months of prior ABC treatment. Whilst ABC did help in certain aspects, it didn't resolve my issue. Anne explained the importance of finding the most suitable chiropractic method for the patient's problem, I really appreciated this and my back is now feeling much better! Furthermore, she gave me helpful stretching tips and speaks English, which is a great bonus.
Viet Tran
19:12 14 Dec 16
Merci Anne!! De m'avoir redonner confiance en la capacité du corps à se remettre de certains traumatismes (dos, cou, bassin, cervicales pour ma part)Une approche très professionnelle, à l'écoute et surtout de vrais et bons résultats !!Je vous la conseille vivement!
basma basmati
10:42 29 Nov 16
Je conseil Dr Nguyen fortement !Elle a réussi à soulager ma spndylarthrithe ankylosante !une maladie dont les médecins m'avaient garantie une fin avec paralysie !merci Anne 🙂
Sibel Carkan
08:36 12 Nov 16
Une super chiro qui est efficace tout en étant souriante et accueillante ! Pratiquant le sport de niveau, c'est tout ce que je recherchaisPlus de douleurs et de courbatures après chacune de mes séances hebdomadaires et surtout plus de blessures !
Thanh-Liêm Lê
22:23 09 Nov 16
Super chiropracteur ! Grâce à ses soins j'arrive à continuer une pratique régulière et intensive du sport malgré quelques problèmes de dos.
Maxence Daniel
07:48 29 Oct 16
By far, the best chiropractor you're going to find in Paris! Such a great expirience visiting with Anne. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about her practice. I wholeheartedly recommend her especially if you're here just visiting.
Nick B
12:57 16 Oct 16
Une professionnelle dans tous les sens du terme : efficace (1 séance et j'étais "réparé"), souriante et qui explique tout ce qu'elle fait.Je recommande !!
Vincent Chalier
19:58 03 Oct 16
I highly recommend Dr Anne Nguyen, who was able to relieve me of chronic pain that I developed when I walked. She is an expert diagnostician, who knew exactly what the problem was.She is very thorough in examining a patient and takes her time to listen and answer questions. I also like that she is soft and caring and takes a very holistic approach in treatment. All in all she is a wonderful chiropractic clinician!
Cherry Chapman
17:13 29 Mar 16
Anne was awesome. As an expat living in Paris I've been to several other places before but they were nowhere close to Anne's. She explained very clearly and thoroughly what was wrong with my posture, muscle, etc. She even gave me several pilates tips!
Phil Yoo
20:32 26 Nov 15
Anne is an incredible chiropractor. I learnt so much about why I was in pain and how to help my body heal. If you're living in Paris or a tourist who needs to see a chiropractor while on holiday definitely go see Anne. She saved my holiday! Anne speaks English which is an added bonus. I wish Anne would move to Australia, she is amazing!
Kate Miller
10:07 18 Sep 14

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